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Our website design is a collection of all of our talents put into one. Years of graphic design make us watchful of the elemental flow and color themes.

Website design is designed for both desktop and mobile views and includes the necessary structures for all mobile devices. Our technical skills involve the tasks of making sure your website is functional and has the best online presence possible through search engine optimization and thoughtful design placement so that your website engages your viewers. 


  • Engaging Content (Creative Writing)

  • Dynamic Images and 4K Banners

  • Mobile View

  • Custom Forms and Integrations

  • E-Commerce Stores

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO & Digital Marketing 

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Donation and Payment Accounts


We offer creative writing and content services for websites that need that extra push. Typically, Google will ignore websites that do not have adequate content on their pages that need to communicate to Google "Here I am!". It can be a daunting task, but we are skilled in creative content writing that includes search phrases and keywords that tell Google your website is relevant. This is a very important ingredient of the website pie and should be included and tested to make sure your website is popping up where it should be.


Our websites can include everything you need to keep your website fresh with customer expectations these days.  We can add a variety of custom integrations to your website from custom forms that notify you once a visitor has submitted - to forms that accept payments online. We can include social media feeds, capture visitor contact information so you can create email marketing campaigns and more. 


Are you planning to have your own online store? We can help. Ten products or 1,000 products, we can help you navigate through the e-commerce website account setup, design, products and inventory, and more. Trunk Creative has set up several e-commerce stores and we feel confident we can help you on your journey to maximizing your business potential online. 

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