Trunk Creative is owned and operate by Jessie Pappas. It is a 100% woman-owned and operated company based in Anchorage, Alaska. Trunk provides services all over Alaska and when called upon, the lower 48. 

Jessie has over 22 years experience in the graphic design & print industry. She obtained her Associate Degree in Visual Communication in Tempe, Arizona and returned to Alaska to learn the printing industry. Her first job was with one of Anchorage’s most progressive print and marketing companies - PIP Printing of Alaska - for 6 years, and grew to a senior graphic designer and department manager. She occasionally worked as a freelance designer for a few top Anchorage advertising agencies. She learned the ways of an ever evolving industry before it got much easier to do her job without all of those medieval tools and machines! Realizing she may just have what it takes, in 2004 started Trunk Creative and has been going strong since. 

Jessie comes from a family of small business entrepreneurs on both sides of her family. Her great-great-grandparents owned and operated a dairy farm in Oregon, one grandmother owned a B&B and the other one was a beautician, her mother owned a children's daycare and all of her siblings are currently self employed. Many of her friends are small business owners or are aspiring to be.


Jessie herself co-owned two successful coffee shops in Anchorage with her husband while working full time, when she decided she wanted to be a stay-home mom she started Trunk Creative in 2015 and off and on has also had a successful side gig on ebay. So you can say she might know a thing or two about starting a small business to a degree. :)


Jessie has invaluable creative and professional offerings for her clients, from established and new businesses (small and large), non-profit organizations, and state and municipal entities. Her dedication and creative energy to her clients is beyond compare and she is often found working on projects in her own spare time just because she can.


Jessie enjoys the balance of work, family and freedom, loves Alaskan summers and spending time with family and friends. She also loves to encourage people to be successfully self-reliant and do what makes them happy.