We know what it's like to be a small business. That's why we offer marketing and branding toolkits for small businesses.  Lately it's been challenging, but if you have decided to follow your dreams and start your new business, we would like to help you. Wether it's rebranding your existing small business, adding new services to be able to function during the unknowns of shut downs... Don't give up! We are right there with you and we can help the best we can. ​One way we can help, is by offering our Small Business Marketing Packages to our fellow Small Businesses owners. We provide tailored toolkits that fit your budget and get the marketing tools you need to promote your business and your brand.  Call us for a free estimate - we would love to hear from you!


  • Custom Logo + Branding Toolkit

  • Business Card Design

  • Custom Social Media Banners

  • One Printed Piece*

  • Custom Website (up to 5 pages)

  • (new!) SEO Plan for new website

Our Premium Marketing package has it all – and is for business owners that want to take it to the next level. The package includes the staples of marketing and branding your new business and can be customized for the things you need now to start growing your business. The logo design toolkit includes all digital formats (Vector, PNG, PDF) for online, screenprint and print marketing such as company papers, signage, vehicle decals, etc. You also receive print ready business cards, and custom social media banners for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Business accounts, one print piece* and a up to a 5 page custom website with search engine optimization and Google registration so people can find you fast.


This package can be customized/upgraded and priced accordingly all for a ONE FLAT RATE so you know exactly what you are spending and it doesn't interfere with other startup costs.

*Printed Piece includes choice of 4x9" rack card, 8.5x11 flier, or 5x7" direct mailer (can be upgraded to brochure, menu or other desired print piece for a dicounted price)


  • Custom Logo Toolkit

  • Business Card Design

  • Custom Social Media Banners

For small businesses and one owner start-ups that are on a tight budget - we offer an affordable package that includes logo design, business card design and social media banners for various social media platforms if you wish. It's a great toolkit that will help you get the essentials you need for your print and marketing needs. 

You can always come back later and get the other stuff once you become the success you are meant to be!


We love chatting with people and giving advice on what's important and what can wait. If you are not sure what you need now, we can help you with a plan on what to focus on now and what to look forward to later. There's all kind of ways to market your business and get your name out there, whether it's with a solid SEO plan, working with a digital marketing agency for those with lots of competition, or The Good Ol' Grassroots approach, like I did when I started my business. :) It's up to you - and we are happy to chat if you like. Call 907-244-9639 or send an email.