Logo design is one of our specialties. We love all forms of design so we range from minimalistic and modern logos, custom illustrated logos, and more. We create logo toolkits that are packed with different formats so you can take your brand to the next level. Our team has amazing illustrators and can develop custom logos for anything you need.

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The function behind a logo goes far beyond being just a pretty visual that you can add to your website. As the heart of your branding efforts, your logo should represent the essence of your company’s personality. In logo design, an icon is a simplified visual that captures the spirit of your brand. A common misconception is that your icon should literally be an image showing what your product or service is. The internet makes it very easy to look at logo designs that inspire you, and hiring a graphic designer will help tweek an inspiration, as well as introduce new concepts for your brand, based off of the information about your business plan or even your personality.


In a nutshell, business branding is about creating a comprehensive message for your company and product or service, using names, logos, slogans, copy and other collateral. Branding is actively creating the perception you hope consumers have as they come into contact with, and experience your company, product or service. I like to break branding a company down into three core phases:



Brand Strategy is a critical and foundational piece for building a successful brand. It’s one of the areas that most businesses overlook, because they jump right into the design and marketing.  Brand Strategy is a plan that focuses on the long-term development of your purpose and impact. Your Brand Strategy will map out how you are different, trustworthy, memorable, and likable by your ideal customer. It will convey your purpose, promises, and how you solve problems for people.



Brand Identity is the way that you convey this to the public with visuals, messaging, and experience.Your brand identity should be applied across all channels consistently. It is the way that your business becomes recognizable. This includes your logo, colors and fonts, website design, content, advertising, print or packaging, and more.  In fact: consistent brand presentation across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23 percent.



Brand Marketing is the way that businesses or organizations highlight and bring awareness to products or services by connecting values and voice to the right audience through strategic communication. When coming up with the best branding strategies for your branding business plan, keep it simple. Business branding isn’t rocket science, but it does require creativity and strategic thinking.