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If you are looking for a locally owned graphic design studio in Alaska or maybe just need a creative spark to get your marketing materials noticed better -  call us. We are here for you and we deliver on our promises. We have over 25 years of graphic design experience, specializing in print design and branding. We cover everything from brochures, annual reports, booklets, area maps, signage, apparel design, book covers, banners, large format graphics and more.

our services

graphic design services

Trunk Creative specializes in graphic design. With over 25 years of experience in the graphic design and print industry in Alaska - we are proud to say that we know our way around the industry. With that said, our mission is to provide our client's with highest level of service and deliverables. We have worked with large and small businesses and we give each and every one of them our best.

print design services

Our services range from creative brochure design, booklets, annual reports, large format design, interior and exterior banners and wayfinding signage, conventions and trade show booth design, vehicle graphics, city and area maps, process maps and flow charts, infographics, custom icons, custom forms, posters and flier design, and much more!

large format design services

Our large format design services comes from years of experience in the print world and being a part of the progressive industry. Large format printing includes oversized banners, window graphics, interior/exterior signage, custom backlit signage, vehicle and fleet graphics and more. 

process maps + flow charts

Sometimes, Powerpoint just doesn't cut it. If you are looking for custom graphics to enhance process maps or flow charts, give us a call. We have lots of experience taking boring powerpoint presentations and turning them into a fun and engaging way to interpret the chain of processes and actions, visually engage viewers on statistics, cause and effect, and much more.

custom vector illustrations

We offer custom vector illustration that is original and high quality. All of our work is created carefully and available in vector format (original format) and can be used for all marketing purposes, such as large format printing, apparel design, maps, and more. We also offer a redraw service where most raster images can be converted into vector artwork.

infographics + custom icons

We create colorful and high quality infographics to enhance projects to make them fun and visually pleasing for brochures, booklets or anything you need them for to convey a message.  Custom icons are often requested maps, informational brochures and websites to organize section headers with a visual graphic that is consistent and clean. 

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